Summer Thoughts from John

Summer Thoughts from John

Happy Summer 2020 everyone! John O’Brien here taking a moment to share some thoughts.

I’m very happy it’s Summer. I hope you are, too. We are so blessed to live in this part of the world. But the seasons change FAST – so enjoy every moment! I’m looking out the back window and see the snowplow waiting to get hooked up. Be sure to catch MOST sunsets and even a few sun rises!

WOW! What an amazing stretch from March until July with the virus and all. I hope and pray that you all are well. Let’s all continue to look after each other.

I am on a kick lately about the lack of earthquake insurance for most people in this area. We had a “big bang” just in April. I bet you felt it and heard it. It was centered right in South Glens Falls. Most of you reading this DO NOT have coverage to your home or business property if a damaging earthquake strikes. PLEASE consider this. I think it is very inexpensive versus the coverage you get.

And while I’m at it – most of you do NOT have flood insurance. You don’t have to live right on the Hudson or an area lake, to have a problem sometime. Please consider.

Sure wish the NEWS was a lot more upbeat these days. It might be a GREAT idea to “unplug”. I’m not joking. In many ways, it can be poison.

If you see some GOOD NEWS, please share it with us and we’ll pass it on.

And the world needs your SMILE more than ever. Let’s give it away. Its free!

One of the upsides to the virus is the amount of time spent with family. So that’s a great thing.

We’re all working in the office now, but we’ve decided to keep the doors closed to clients and the public for now. It is not affecting the way we do business. The good news is that people are buying cars and homes and some boats. And we are even seeing some new business clients. We are VERY thankful to our new clients who have used this time to switch their insurance to our Agency.

We want to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to make sure everyone is safe.

Some very sad news – a number of business clients have lost their business because of all this. I cannot imagine what they are going through. I would be devastated. And many that are open, have had to make drastic changes. Once again, very sad!

Hoping that Lake George and Saratoga have a good summer, all things considered. It will affect us all!

Thanks for reading!

– John

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