O’Brien’s Angels

O’Brien’s Angels is an informal group of do-gooders that gather on Facebook to connect those in need with people who have something to give. We founded it in summer of 2017 to celebrate our 60 years in business.

In our first two months, the Angels:

  • Purchased a brand new refrigerator to a well loved community elderly community member who was in need and had no other way to keep her food
  • Raised and donated $1,500 to Fort Edward Community Pantry to replace their broken refrigerator that helps them serve hundreds of hungry people
  • Sent out more than 10 prayer requests from community members in need
  • Donated a used car in excellent shape to a single mother working two jobs who found herself unable to get to work, bring her kids around, do grocery shopping and all of those things that go along with taking care of a family
  • Founded a new initiative called Food For Thought to give snacks to hungry schoolchildren during the school day, and organized a “Care-oke” benefit raising more than $200

We look forward to continuing to take good care of people every day! In this Facebook group we invite the public to share what they have to offer, ask for donations on behalf of those in need, submit prayer requests, and share faith-in-humanity stories.

Please join us on Facebook to see how you can give back to your community!

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