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I’m not a blogger.  I’m not a writer.  I try to be a good insurance guy.  Always trying to be better for the sake of others. We are in business to serve. Son, husband, father, uncle, grandpa, nephew, brother, cousin.  Certainly a lot of relations.  People ask “how are you doing”?  Which means- How are you doing since Kevin ( my brother ) left the Agency. The truth? We’re doing okay!  Some days, we’re doing great, other days, we’re crazy busy.  Some people reading this might like me to sugar coat it and put on a happy face and say that life is WONDERFUL all the time.  Well that would be a lie and I try not to do that ( old school ) . When someone with the great abilities of my brother Kevin leaves, it’s like WOW!  That creates quite a hole.  He did a TON of work.  WHO is going to pick up the slack.  But I had a choice.  Was I going to see this as a negative or was I going to see it as an opportunity?  I chose to see it as an opportunity.  To have the chance to take O’Brien insurance to a new level.  To put my own stamp on it.


And that’s what I’ve done.  We are in the midst of celebrating the 60th year of O’Brien Insurance. And part of that celebrating is remembering all the people who helped get us to this year.  My mom and dad who founded this Agency in 1957, Tessa , my dad’s first employee, Cathy, Bobbi, Ann, Cindy, LeeAnn, Diana, Carolyn, Carol, Kerrie, Erin, Sarah, Judy, Hannah, Sandy, Clarissa, Janice, Charlotte, Tiffany, Karen, Helen, Ryan, Christine, Sabrina, Beth, Penny and a few others. And Kevin for sure.

I’ll give you a big KISS

We are in a people business.  O’Brien Insurance is only as good as the people who work here. I’m always on the search for more people to join our O’Brien family.  Insurance is a fast paced, competitive business.  I need people who can keep up with me.  By the way- I have no plans to slow down.  It’s full steam ahead.  I have so many ideas that I want to implement. I have found some new people that are joining us, so watch for their smiling faces.


Do you know what my favorite things are about this business?  Helping people.  The one- on one meetings with clients or new people checking us out.  The sitting with Ginny and Paul after Joe died.  The hugs, the tears.  The 50 plus years of relationship with them and their family.  The sharing of faith with them.

INSURANCE!!!  So much more than Insurance!  WOW.


Blessings to all.