Why Choose a Local Independent Insurance Agent?

Why Choose a Local Independent Insurance Agent?

Shopping for insurance can be an intimidating process. For that reason, it may seem easy to go with a highly advertised 1-800 or other big box insurance company that promises a quick quote or guaranteed percentage off your rate. This quick relief to your insurance problem is tempting, but it may not be the best for you in the long run. Price is just one of many factors that you should consider when choosing insurance coverage! Why settle for the quickest quote when you can have a dedicated local independent insurance agent help you navigate the insurance process? Here’s a few ways a local agent can help.

Personalized, Unbiased Coverage Options

You may not be able to pick and choose coverage options to create a package that’s built just for you, but with an independent insurance agent you can get close. Your agent can sift through the many different coverage options for multiple companies and provide you with one that fits your requirements AND your wallet. Plus, you know that your independent agent is working for you. They can offer unbiased opinions on your various options.

It’s a One-Stop Shop

It’s likely that you’ll need multiple types of insurance, especially if you’re a business owner. Instead of dealing with multiple insurance companies separately, a local independent insurance agent can help you with any type of insurance you need. Your agent will take the time to explore your situation and help you secure all of the right coverages. At O’Brien Insurance Agency, we offer all types of insurance, from the common ones like car insurance and life insurance to more specialized options such as wedding insurance and boat insurance.

Professional Resources

Your local independent insurance agent has more than just knowledge at their fingertips – they also have access to tools and resources that you may not. This lets an agent access coverage options, information and rates quicker, easier and less costly than you could on your own.

Easier Maintenance

Having your own dedicated insurance agent also means peace of mind. Your agent can periodically review your coverage to ensure you continue to receive the best coverage at the lowest price for each type of insurance you invest in.

Less Paperwork Induced Headaches

An independent insurance agent isn’t just there to help you choose your plan, they’re a dedicated partner that can help you with every step of the insurance process. From navigating the account setup process to filing claims, you know your agent is knowledgeable about both the insurance industry and your personal situation. No more trying to interpret the legalese on your own!

O’Brien Insurance Agency offers friendly, local service and quality coverage. We are a full-service insurance agency with a staff of licensed insurance specialists serving over 2,100 individuals and families in Warren, Washington, Saratoga and Hamilton counties. Large enough to serve you, yet small enough to know you! 

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