FAQ’s & Tips for Insuring a Teenage Driver

auto insurance for teen driversSo, your teen has (or will soon be getting) their license…and if that wasn’t enough to make you wring your hands with anxiety, you can always start worrying about what that will do to your insurance rates!

Relax! Here at O’Brien Insurance, our aim is to eliminate your anxiety (over the insurance part of it, anyway), by answering your questions and finding the right insurance that will meet the needs of all of your family members.

Do I need to add my teen to my insurance policy?

Yes, if they are licensed. New York State does not require a teenager with a learner’s permit to be added to the family’s auto policy, but as soon as your new driver gets his or her license, call us and let us find the best options for you.

My teen has their own car. Should they be put on our policy or have their own?

Almost always, it is less expensive for parents to add their teens to their auto insurance policies than it is for teens to get their own. Why? First, you can qualify for a multi-vehicle discount. Second, your teen won’t have many of the traits that earn better rates such as increased age, being married, a low-risk job, or owning a home. Finally, a driver’s education and “good student” discount can be applied to a family policy as well.

Conversely, if you purchase your young driver a “clunker,” a separate policy without comprehensive and collision may save money. Come see O’Brien Insurance, your hometown insurance agency in Glens Falls, NY and let us find you the best coverage at the best possible price!

Why do teen drivers have, on average, higher insurance rates?

Simply put – young, new drivers are a higher risk. Statistics have proven that because teen drivers are less experienced and less mature, they make more mistakes and take more risks than more experienced drivers do. Unfortunately, increased risks equal increased insurance rates. However, keep reading for our tips on keeping insurance premiums for teens as low as possible.

At what age do insurance premiums drop?

Insurance rates for safe drivers usually begin to drop around age 25 and continue to decrease if a safe driving record is maintained. Risky drivers with tickets and accidents may see only increased rates if driving behaviors don’t improve. So be sure to instill in your young driver safe driving habits that are good for their safety and their wallets! Some insurance companies offer drivers under 25 a discount for every claim and ticket-free term that they are insured.

teenage driver insurance faqsAre there any ways to keep insurance premiums for my teen as low as possible?

Whenever insurance companies set rates for policies, there are numerous factors they take into consideration including age, gender, driving record, and vehicle type. Because the risk of accidents is significantly higher for inexperienced young drivers, their rates are usually much higher. Read the following tips and then give us a call and we will strategize on how to keep your insurance premiums as low as possible!

  • Raise your deductible to lower your premium; you will probably save money.
  • Learn about all the discounts available! Multi-vehicle, “good student,” and the defensive driver course are a few. Let us see if we can find you more!
  • Share vehicles. Classifying your teen driver as either a principle or occasional driver can affect premiums.
  • Stick to the mid-size sedan! Small cars, SUV’s, and sports cars offer less protection and encourage recklessness in the eyes of insurance companies.
  • Encourage driving only when necessary. The more your teen drives, the greater the risk he or she will be involved in an accident. “To and from” driving until they become more experienced is a better choice than allowing them to “run the roads.” According to the Insurance Intitute for Highway Safety, half of all teenage traffic fatalities occur between 6:00 p.m. Friday and 3:00 a.m. Sunday.

When you add a teenage driver to a policy, are there specific coverages you should have on your car?

There are no unique coverages required for teen drivers. The state’s minimum required coverage will be added to your policy automatically when you add your teen to your policy. However, you can opt for additional coverages, such as towing and labor if you prefer.

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