When it gets tough, what do you do? And I’m NOT sugar coating it, so be warned.

It seems that everyday I am talking to fellow small business owners who are really challenged like me.  The workplace is REALLY tough in many ways. Not sure WHAT is going on.  REALLY.  What I do know is this.  It’s about people and relationships.  I know- you already know that.  So what is your experience?  I’d really love to know.  Would you mind sharing? And if you work in a place that has NO ISSUES and is like Heaven on Earth?  Please- what is that about? And this is not limited to small business. Where do you work?

Right now we are short staffed with some changes we’ve had.  I’m NOT going back just looking forward. And as I have 10 minutes to write this ( you’ve never seen how I keyboard ), I have some people working with me that are really stepping up.  No joke. I would be lost without them.

So the struggle is REAL but we’re plowing through.  And we’re SHINING!  You’re not in business for 60 years and everything is peachy.

So what’s your story?


John O