LOCAL Truth!

AMEX_Shop_Small_Street_RGB_SOLID_LogoNow that we are into the “buying” season ( way overboard as far as I think ), you are being reminded by some great people http://www.glensfallsregion.com and /https://www.facebook.com/adirondackchamber?v=info to buy your “stuff” from your local neighbors. I’d like to suggest thinking about buying your insurance local too. Do you use a local company or agent or do you get your insurance from a big company that you’ve never met? Did you know that buying your insurance from local people is always better?  At our agency, we see a people who are surprised that we can get them better insurance than they get from BIG insurance companies.  I think there is a myth that if a company advertises enough, well they must be good. I’d ask you to think about that for a second and compare that to other situations in your life. Big is not always the best and in this case, I can assure you, it is not.  Buy your insurance from local people, who get to know you and your family, know where you live and work and if you have an accident, can tell you the local people to get you back on the road.