Why get your insurance from a local agent

O'Brien Insurance Car - John O'Brien CarAs a local insurance agent and CCO (ask and I’ll tell you), I’m always thinking about this question. You of course have many places and ways to get your various insurance policies. Let me set the record straight-getting your insurance (any of it) from a local agent is NOT (repeat) more expensive than going directly to a stranger on-line or the phone,who says call me and I will save you lots of $$$$$.

But you don’t have to believe me.The ONLY way for you to know, is to check it out yourself. And it is EASY to do. Given the fact the we and other local Independent Agents represent MANY insurance companies, you benefit from getting a CHOICE. You’re not stuck with ONE company. We do the comparisons for you. And so don’t take my word and experience – check it out yourself and I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Equally important, you will deal with someone from this area that knows this area, its people and places and the STUFF of this area. I think that is huge. In any conversation or relationship-are you more at ease with someone who knows you or who doesn’t? If you have a car accident, does the person whom you report your claim to, know the local body shops? Do they know where Glen (s) Falls is?

So if you don’t have your car or home insurance with O’Brien Insurance or another quality agent ( and please check the agent out also-most in this area are good, but….), contact us the next time one of your policies is going to renew again. I think we can help. And we make it easy. Thanks for listening. Get More from your insurance.