Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

I want to thank everyone for your kind words, thoughts and prayers on the death of my mom, Mary O’Brien. My family has been very moved by it all. We will continue to be the insurance people that she and my dad want us to be.

The reason for this note is once again- Thanksgiving! For the last week and a half, my family has been dealing with a very stressful situation. My daughter Erin contracted meningitis, which is a most serious condition. No need to share the details, but we are blessed that she is now in recovery mode after a week’s stay at Glens Falls Hospital. She has a long road ahead of her, possibly months. As you can imagine, emotions were running in high mode as the doctors and other professionals were trying to figure out what was the cause of her condition.

The couple of days in the ER and then moving up to The Tower are a blur. It seemed at times a repeat of my mom’s two months prior to her death. I am sure many of you know what I mean. You’re running on autopilot, many times in survival mode. You can’t always think straight; lack of sleep doesn’t help. Sometimes the hours fly by, sometimes they drag. You go from one test to another. She had them all! Then you wait for the results. When they said the word “meningitis” — you just glaze over! Most of us know what that word means. We know that many times, it can be fatal. Thankfully, we are praying for a happy ending!

As I said, the reason for this note is to say THANK YOU to so many. The Glens Falls Hospital and its team have been simply amazing. The nurse in the ER who assessed the situation and got Erin right into a room. The PA (who has helped our family before – nice to see an “I know you” face) who was caring and cautious (thank you Holy Spirit). The doctors in The ER who treated Erin with such kindness. The nurses who wouldn’t give up trying to find a vein even though they were playing a painful “hide and seek”. The warm blankets to help offset the high fever. All the friendly faces in Radiology. We can forget that our children’s friends might just be people someday that save our lives! And then what can we say about the staff and team of Tower 2? No words would be adequate. Really! So many highlights! Maybe the BEST one? Chris- a nurse who broke the news about meningitis being the cause (and be bent over on his knees to be at eye level with Erin !). Chris heard that a single room had opened up and went out of his way to win it for my daughter so she could get some vital sleep! Shift change after shift change, it didn’t matter. Everyone was caring, everyone authentically loving. No joke.

The friends and family who have overwhelmed our family with love, food, prayers, hugs, listening ears, car rides for kids, teachers who are zeroed in, neighbors, clients, the Community. WOW!

We are SO BLESSED to have Glens Falls Hospital right here! But most important? We are blessed for ALL the people associated with The Hospital in any way! Thank you from The O’Brien, Bray, and Anderson families!

So what can we do today? Go say “Thank you” to anyone and EVERYONE associated in the medical field. Are you going to a doctor’s office today? Say thank you to everyone. Will a loved one ride in an ambulance today? Say thank you. Will you visit a nursing home or assisted living facility today? Say thank you. Will you meet a nurse, doctor, technician or support staff today? Say thank you. Will you go to The ER today? Say thank you even if it takes a while.

Happy and BLESSED THANKSgiving everyone.

Pay it forward! 😊