Say “I Do” To Wedding Insurance

Say “I Do” To Wedding Insurance

Congratulations! You’ve gotten engaged to the love of your life and set a date. Your wedding planning is coming along, nicely. You’ve picked out a dress, found a caterer and photographer and have scoped out a few possible venues. Nothing could go wrong on your big day, right?

While it’s not something you want to think about, there’s always potential for disaster to strike on the day you say “I DO”. Protect your wedding and your sanity (we would hate for you to turn into a Bridezilla!) with wedding insurance. Not sure how it works? Here’s the basics that you’ll need to know before deciding if wedding insurance is right for you.

Wedding insurance is set up to protect you from circumstances that are beyond your control. It’s not going to cover a change of heart or runaway bride, but it can help cover your expenses when things go wrong.

  • Inclement Weather – You’ve been planning that tropical destination wedding for months now and can’t wait to take a break from snowy Glens Falls, but a hurricane hits your venue and you’re not able to have your wedding there as scheduled… it’s covered! With wedding insurance, you’ll be able to get back money for the cake, flowers, vendors, venue and more.
  • Vendors – The right vendors can greatly enhance your wedding! You just found the perfect deejay complete with a photobooth setup, cloud machine for dancing on air, and confetti drop at the end of your reception….and he’s not able to show up on your big day. A good policy will cover postponement or cancellation of your wedding if an essential vendor is a no-show.
  • Sick Wedding Party Members – While we hope this is never the case, sickness can happen at any time. If the mother of the bride happens to be in the hospital recovering from sickness and can’t make it to the wedding or the groom decides to have one last big adventure with his boys and gets hurt rock climbing right before the ceremony, don’t stress! Wedding insurance is there to protect you and the members of your party in the case your wedding needs to be postponed.
  • Wedding Dress & Tux – You’re enjoying a relaxing morning of pampering before you say your vows. You’ve got your favorite music playing, your hair and makeup looks flawless, the candles you have burning are making you feel at peace until the wind comes … and then your dress catches on fire! If you’ve chosen the right coverage, your gorgeous gown and veil can be covered too!

For the amount of mishaps that wedding insurance covers, the cost is very minimal. Most policies run anywhere from $150-$500 dollars depending on the coverage you opt for, and can cover up to $1,000,000 in damages. Before you decide to purchase wedding insurance, DO YOUR RESEARCH. Check with your venue and vendors to see where coverage is needed and if the services you are paying for already come with coverage. You also have the option to purchase supplemental coverage for things that won’t be covered under a basic policy such as your gifts or photography and video.

If you’re overwhelmed with planning and don’t know where to start, give us a call or stop in to chat. We’re always here, and may even be able to help give you some recommendations for wedding vendors and venues if needed. If there’s one thing we know, it’s our COMMUNITY! Think of O’Brien Insurance as a good marriage – it grows better with age. From Day One, we VOW to offer you LOCAL, QUALITY coverage at COMPETITIVE rates, as long as we both shall live!