Never Get Used To It

OBrien 2231In my 35 years in this insurance business, there is one thing that I really HATE.  And I don’t ever like using that word, so it must be something BIG.  It is! I HATE making mistakes!  Mistakes that let my clients down, mistakes that don’t allow me to be what I promised, the BEST insurance person you can have.  I know what goes on in this business, that so much is just taking someone’s money and moving on.  You know the 15 min. thing.  I always want to be the person who cares, the person you can count on, the person who goes out of his way to treat you like a PERSON!  Promises, promises.

And 99.9% I am able to do that thanks to God’s Grace. So when the humanity strikes again and I am reminded that PERFECTION is not in my DNA, it really pierces  my heart.  Happened today that I had told a person in business that I’d go the extra mile and watch out for something.  I had reminders on my calendar that would pop up every 3 months.  My error was assuming something that turned out to be wrong. I didn’t check it. UGH!  And it was one of those areas that it is NOT our job to do that, but I LIKE doing it as something that helps business people out, especially when they are busy. UGH.

In my PERSONAL life I’m being taught just what the word HUMILITY means. I was hoping that I could skip the lesson in my business life. I guess I was WRONG here too!  UGH.  Tough lessons!

Anyone feel similar pains??