O’Brien Kindness Challenge

O’Brien Kindness Challenge

“If you always treat a person as a person, and take care of them and their needs, then you will never need to take care of the bottom line.” These words were said to John O’Brien by his late father Bob and they became the foundation on which O’Brien Insurance stands today.

It’s no secret that we are living in tumultuous times and it can be hard to know where to turn. Here at O’Brien Insurance we always fall back on what is at the heart of our mission: Compassion, empathy, and kindness.

Kindness is one of humankind’s greatest strengths. When times are tough, it’s more important than ever to lean into kindness and share it with those around us. Glens Falls is a community that shows up for each other. The last few months have shown the resilience of our individuals and small businesses and have proven that if we come together from a place of kindness, together we can get through anything life throws our way.

For the month of June, we challenge you to take part in our O’Brien Kindness Challenge on our Facebook page. Each weekday we will share a prompt for an act of kindness and it’s your challenge to act on that prompt and put more kindness into your corner of the world. Maybe it’s buying flowers for a neighbor, or calling a friend and asking how they’re really doing. Whatever it is, our goal is to elevate our community with kindness.

If you take part, please take a photo or write a post and share your kindness with the hashtags #obrienkindesschallenge and #obrienkind.

Looking for more ways to get involved and help others? Please join our O’Brien’s Angels Facebook group.  O’Brien’s Angels’ purpose is to connect the needy with those who have something to give, to offer prayer, and to lift one another up in dark times.