You're kidding!

So I had the van this morning since it’s Wednesday and Grandpa’s taxi is transporting all three and the Riskmobile is a little too small for Lucas!


And since I’m the insurance guy who breathes “safety”, I like my cars clean, especially the windows so you can see clearly. SO the van was still grimey from the winter so I decided to get it washed after dropoff. Normally I have coupons with me but I left them in my other car, so I paid cash. I also gave the attendant a tip. So I roll up my windows so I don’t get soaked and get ready to move. Suddenly there is a knock on my window and its the guy handing me a coupon for next time. WOW. Total surprise and not expected. Now his motivations could have been many. My point in all this, is that he blew me away with an unexpected gesture and I went through the carwash a very happy camper. So happy that I want to tell you all about it.  Is this what you call good customer service? Is it good business? Whatever! It was just plain nice and impacted me in a good way, Pass it on!