A m2con kinda day!


The m2's ruled the day!
The m2s ruled the day!

Do you ever have one of those days that you’re just a little overwhelmed, but in a good way? I had one of those on Thursday May 2, 2013 and it was the folks at Mannix Marketing that made it possible.  And it’s funny because at the last minute, I was having second thoughts about going to their all day conference.  Kind of like the same feeling I get when going to a wake-  Don’t always feel like going but always happy I did. It was going to be tight with me dropping off the kids, plus I was feeling like the last couple of weeks were way too busy for me and I needed a day to regroup. Well, I think that day is today, Friday-I hope! Although, I am using this blog post to sharpen my blogging skills ( thank you Chris A. and Jennifer McDonald) and as always with something new, this is taking the whole morning.

Anyway, as usual with these things, the day and the conference were just awesome. And the new people I got to meet – WOW!  Carol from Coyote Impressions, Lisa Balschunat, Pat Cole from William J Cole Real Estate, Inc and Megan Higgins. Also in attendance was fellow Empire Spectrum LLC member, Rich Nesbitt of Johnnie Walker Insurance.

And of course I get to see lots of familiar friends from the area including  John Crawford, John Marcantonio and the always wonderful Pam Fisher, alias tee-ball coach! I also got to say hello and speak to  Meg Porto. She has recently started working at Wait House.  And I was able to say hello and talk to many others. It was a very good day.

But I must say that the VERY best part of the day was listening and engaging with the people of  Mannix Marketing.  I told my wife and others that the whole day was of chuck full of so many tips and ideas, that there is no way I would be able to implement them all. I’ll be happy to push the button on a couple.

So a BIG thank you and HUGS to  Sara Mannix (Vote for Aprons!), Mark Mannix, Jeremy Abel, Chris Archibee ( The Geek),Ashley LaVoy, Rick Marchant, Valleri James, Longfellows for lunch (it was yummy), Amberly Rundell, Jennifer Manz, Pam Sissons, Mary Longley, Brian McGrath.

Just goes to show you that we shouldn’t always trust our feelings. Go with “what you know is the right thing to do” despite all the voices telling you to run!