10 Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

Family CampfireAh…Spring in the Adirondacks! That long-awaited season where we can finally come out of hibernation and enjoy the lovely smell of blooming flowers and BBQ’s with family and friends.

While spring cleaning is a given, vacuuming and dusting away the residue of winter, spring home maintenance is important as well to ensure your home continues to operate efficiently. We are happy to provide you with our Top 10 Home Maintenance Tips for Spring!

1. Inspect the Roof

Winter in the Adirondacks can cause havoc for shingles, so inspect for possible damage that may just be covered by your homeowners insurance.

gutter-clutter2. Get the Clutter out of Your Gutter!

Autumn’s leaves are so beautiful until they collect in your gutters along with other debris, making proper draining impossible. So be sure to clear gutters completely, as well as directing downspouts, which can shift with the snow, away from the house to prevent water buildup that can damage your home’s foundation.

3. Maintain a Strong Foundation!

As soon as the white stuff is gone, thoroughly examine your home’s foundation. Cracks will only get worse, so if you notice any, call a professional right away.

1694. A Clean Chimney is a Happy Chimney!

Your chimney has been busy all winter, so spend the cash to have a certified chimney sweep clean and inspect your chimney and flu. A clogged and dirty chimney can cause fires, so stay ahead of the game and you’ll be all set for the fall.

5. Give Your AC a Tune-Up!

Don’t wait until the first 85-degree day to find out your unit is blowing nothing but hot air! Spring is the perfect transition time to call a qualified HVAC contractor to inspect your AC unit and give it a tune-up. This way, if there are any problems, you have the time to get them fixed.

6. Clean Out the Ducts and Coils

Pulling out your clothes dryer and removing the lint and scraps from the exhaust duct, along with clearing the coils in the back of your refrigerator of dust will not only keep them in proper working order, but will reduce your electric bill – and who doesn’t love that idea?

7. Don’t Forget Your Water Heater

Water heaters have an average lifespan of 8-12 years, so be sure to inspect yours for leaks or rusting at the bottom. If rust or leaks are found, the unit needs to be replaced.

sidewalk8. The Attic and Basement

Worry less about bats in the attic or spiders in the basement, and more about leaks in the roof and walls and ruined insulation. Check the foundation in the basement for any signs of leaks. Flooding can occur for a number of reasons. Is it important to have flood insurance? O’Brien Insurance can answer your questions. Call us today at 518-793-5173 or request a free quote online!

9. Broken Walkways, Steps, and Yard Holes, Oh My!

Do yourself a favor and repair cracked, broken, or uneven walkways, along with holes in your yard. We are suggesting this not just for aesthetic reasons, but to protect you from possible lawsuits that could result from a visitor’s broken ankle or wrist. After an injury, it is too late to consider liability insurance, so call O’Brien Insurance Agency today!

10. Inspect Fire Extinguishers, Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

Now is the time, while the weather is nice and you are feeling motivated, to replace all of the batteries in all of your detectors, whether they need it or not. Check the pressure on any fire extinguishers you own and if you don’t own one, consider purchasing one that is classified for class A, B, and C fires, so no matter what causes the fire, you will be able to put it out!

Bonus Tip: Clean Up Your Insurance Policy!

Spring brings new life and joyous enthusiasm, so use these good feelings to take the time to review your homeowners or renters insurance. Let us help you find out what you need (and what you don’t!).

Your hometown insurance agency, O’Brien Insurance of upstate NY, understands that needs change just like the seasons. We can work with you to find the coverage that fits your family’s needs. Happy Spring!

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