Tips for Getting the Most from Your Boat Insurance and Boating Safety!

boat insurance upstate nyAfter a long winter and a gradual start to spring, it is slowly but surely getting to be that time of year again…time to get your boat ready! The Adirondack region of upstate NY is not only known for its magnificent mountains, but for the stunningly spectacular lakes that speckle the area.

Getting your boat ready for spring not only means changing the oil and inspecting for traces of winter damage, but reevaluating your coverage to ensure that your boat has the right insurance for your needs. If you love to boat on Lake George, Saratoga Lake, Lake Champlain, or any of the other beautiful lakes of upstate NY, O’Brien Insurance of Glens Falls can help find the right boat insurance for you!

How do you know if you’re boat insurance company is meeting your needs? Read our tips for getting the most from your boat insurance…

  • Consult with a boat insurance agent that is knowledgeable about New York State boat insurance coverage laws.
  • Take a boater’s safety course to save on your insurance premium.
  • Find out if you’re covered no matter where you decide to boat and if your policy covers towing/on-water-assistance.
  • Keep a record of all inventory (including personal belongings) on the boat in the case of theft, damage, or loss.
  • Find out if storing your boat on your property is covered by your homeowner’s policy. O’Brien Insurance agents can help you find the right coverage for your investment!
  • Good boat insurance coverage should at least cover physical damage from collision; liability for bodily injury or property damage; damage to personal property; and gas delivery and towing assistance if you become stranded.
  • Keep an organized record of maintenance, repair, and purchases for your boat.
  • Don’t wait until you skim some unseen rock and lose your propeller to find out how a claim should be reported and handled. A boat insurance policy with O’Brien Insurance means no-hassle claim filing!
  • Find out your boat’s value and how it was determined by your insurance company.

At O’Brien Insurance, we want you to cast off all of your “what if?” worries onto us, so you can just enjoy the few precious months you get to spend on the breathtaking waters of the Adirondacks and upstate New York! But we also want to make sure you are safe out there.

Boating on the MississippiFollow some basic Boating Safety Tips to make sure everyone onboard has fun and stays safe…

  1. Be prepared! Make sure gas tanks are vented and bilges are clean. Always carry a charged fire extinguisher and have operating systems checked yearly by a certified boat technician.
  2. Take a boater’s safety course! It’s a fact that most boating fatalities occur when the driver has not received a boating safety course. Making sure all drivers are properly trained can also save you a percentage on your premium.
  3. Everyone should wear life jackets…not just the kids! It’s a state law to have a life jacket for every person onboard, but an accident can happen in the blink of an eye and your life jacket will do you know good in the storage compartment.
  4. Don’t boat under the influence! More than half of boating-related deaths involve the use of alcohol or drugs. Water police have become just as vehement about stopping boaters under the influence as car drivers. A BUI conviction can result in fines, imprisonment, and the revocation of ALL of your licenses!
  5. Prevent injuries. There’s nothing like jumping from the rear deck of a boat into the crisp waters of Lake George! To ensure that a fun afternoon doesn’t turn into a tragedy, turn off your engine while people are in the water to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, disabling injuries, and death.

Whether you are ready to purchase boat insurance, or you have more questions, O’Brien Insurance, serving Glens Falls NY, Saratoga, and the Adirondacks is here for you! Give us a call at 518-793-5173 or request your free quote online.