5 Benefits of Choosing an Independent Insurance Agency

5 Benefits of Choosing an Independent Insurance Agency

The beginning of a new year seems like a great time to remind everyone about why we love being an independent insurance agency. As an independent agency, O’Brien Insurance has the expertise and resources to be your one-stop-shop for competitively priced coverage while having the freedom to do business in a way the best serves our clients. We can think of LOTS of benefits of working with an independent insurance agency, but here are just a few that rise to the top of the list:

1. Our loyalty is to YOU, the client.
That’s the great thing about being an independent agency: We aren’t employees of the insurance companies whose products we broker. We’re an independent business authorized by numerous carriers to sell their products. We answer to our clients, and YOU are our number one priority. We’re here to be your advocates when selecting the coverage you need, and in the event you need to file a claim. We’re able to put our clients first in ALL decisions.

2. We’ve got OPTIONS.
And we take the time to help you choose the one that’s best for you. As an independent insurance agency, O’Brien Insurance can quickly access quotes from multiple carriers on your behalf. We represent over 10 car insurance providers, more than 20 life insurance carriers, and several others that offer coverage for businesses, recreational vehicles, and other speciality policies. Additionally, through a partnership with Empire Spectrum, LLC, a group of 30 independent insurance agencies like us, we have access to just about ANY insurance company you may need! We do the legwork for you, then take the time to help you determine which plan is the best fit for your needs. Being able to easily compare a number of policies can help to save you money and make sure you’re getting the best VALUE for your dollars. Plus, since we offer a broad range of insurance products, we can advise you on options for bundling coverage, another great way to save!

Our relationships with our clients are everything to us. We get to know each of our clients and tailor our service to your needs and circumstances. Unlike agents directly employed by a large insurance carrier, no one is dictating how much time we can spend with our clients or what we’re able to talk to them about. Insurance is complex, and we will take as much time as is necessary to make sure you understand important information so you can make an educated choice. Remember, it may only take you 15 minutes to get car insurance from some companies, but that means the agents in those companies are only giving you a very limited amount of THEIR time too. They’re not going to have the time or subject matter knowledge to tell you why the coverage you’re asking for may not actually be the coverage you need. We do, and we will, because our goal as an agency is to take good care of people as much as it is to sell insurance.

4. We’re LOCAL.
Independent insurance agencies like O’Brien are in your backyard. We’re not a faceless voice answering a phone call half a country away. The people we insure are our friends and neighbors. It’s natural for us to want to make sure our clients are taken care of to the highest degree possible, especially when we know we’re going to run into you at the grocery store or grabbing a cup of coffee on the way into work in the morning. Being local also means that we are just a stone’s throw away whenever our clients need us. Claims can arise at any time of the day or night, and we’ll be just down the road, regardless.

5. We’re in it with you for the LONG HAUL.
It doesn’t matter if you opened a policy with us ten months ago or ten years ago. We’re going to periodically review your coverage and check in to make sure what you have is still your best bet. We’ve been in business since 1957 and we aren’t going anywhere. If you haven’t yet, get in touch with us to get started on the path to becoming part of the O’Brien Insurance family!