So much to do, so little time.

What is right about the Glens Falls area and its people.
All the good stuff

Ever notice how much there is to do in the Glens Falls area? And its not just when the sun is shining and warmer. It seems like almost every weekend and many weekdays, there is a ton of stuff going on. The tough thing is making the choice of what to experience. This past Saturday was a good example.  The Glens Falls Rotary had their Annual Water Walk. I went to do my daily walk in Cole’s Woods and just to get there I had to pass the hundreds of people strewn all over Crandall Park.  And then there was the Fishing Derby that morning, the Farmers Market was once again outside on South Street, Little League games all over town and many other area events that are hard to keep track off. Never boring around here. Something for everyone. Don’t we live in a great place of our world? And with great neighbors?