A Moving Out-of-State Auto Insurance Guide

A Moving Out-of-State Auto Insurance Guide

Are you planning to relocate out-of-state in the near future? Do you know what actions to take to make sure your vehicle is properly insured in your soon-to-be new home state? If this is a new process for you, or if you’re old-hat at moving but would like a refresher, we’ve got you covered. O’Brien Insurance Agency breaks it down for you step-by-step:

Step 1: Purchase New Insurance Coverage

Begin by purchasing insurance in the state to which you’ll be moving. Research options online and by talking with contacts in your new state. Your existing insurance carrier or agent can send you your current policy coverage, so you can match it with appropriate coverage offered by the new company you’ve selected. Always purchase new coverage before cancelling your previous coverage – gaps in car insurance coverage, even when unintentional, can lead to expensive fines and legal difficulties.

Step 2: Remove Old Plates and Documentation

Remove plates, registration, and inspections stickers from the state you’re leaving. Driving a vehicle without valid plates or current registration or inspection stickers is illegal, so it’s vital you do this only once you’ve received their replacements from the state to which you’re moving.

Step 3: Return Your Plates

Return your plates to the state you’re leaving per state guidelines. All 50 states in the U.S have a state agency that governs motor vehicle regulations, and most are called Departments of Motor vehicles, as it is in New York State. Instructions on how to return plates and any associated forms can be found through the Department of Motor Vehicles that serves your area. Plates are typically returned by mail. Do not give your plates to someone else to turn in on your behalf, so you can be certain they’re returned to DMV. If you’re moving from New York State, complete this form, a Plate Surrender Application, to mail with your NY plates to:

6 Empire State Plaza
Room B240
Albany, NY 12228

The mail postmark date will be used as the date you surrender your plates. In New York State, DMV will then mail you an FS6 form, which is a tax receipt certifying that they’ve received the plates. A copy of the FS6 form should be mailed, emailed or faxed to the insurance carrier or agency with which you’re ending coverage.

Step 4: Cancel Previous Coverage

Your insurance carrier or agency will send you the cancellation to sign by mail, email or fax to officially cancel your insurance policy once they receive the FS6 form (or its equivalent if moving from a state other than New York). It’s important that you don’t cancel your car insurance from the state you’re leaving until you have your new policy in place in order to avoid a gap in coverage.

O’Brien Insurance Agency is Here to Help!

At O’Brien Insurance, we’re here to advise and assist our clients with all of their insurance needs. We miss our customers who move out of state, but are happy to help them throughout the process of cancelling their existing coverage. We’re always available to answer your insurance questions, so contact us today!