Can we all agree?

So I’m on my soapbox. With the rash of a couple big fires, I’m thinking about CANDLES again. Do you realize what you are doing when you light a candle in your home or apartment? You have just increased dramatically the chances that you are going to burn your place down. So is it really worth it?  I know, I know- it is NOT going to happen to me- I’m REALLY careful. Well I have a feeling that is what most people said before the fire.  So for whatever reasons you’re burning that candle- is it really worth the risk?

And did you know that a ton of insurance companies will not write insurance for your business if there are people living in the same building? Why? Because many times it is the person living in the apartment that causes the fire or claim. Because they are the ones who come in at 3am, are hungry, light up the stove to cook something and then fall asleep with the stove going. Just something to think about.