Random Insurance tidbits

Glens Falls homeowners insuranceLast night on Facebook, I jotted down some random personal thoughts. I thought today, I’d let the insurance brain go crazy! So here you go:

1. Make sure having collision on your car makes sense. If your car is 6-7 years old, check the book value at Kelly or Edmunds or some other online site. I always advise to deduct another $700-1000 off the number you come up with. Then check the premium you’re paying for collision and make sure you agree with yourself. At some point with older cars, you’re wasting your money.

2. Make sure you insurance is with one agent. That way, your agent ( like us) can look at the whole picture, not just one little piece. We can better serve you by seeing the BIG picture. Do you have an OBrien 4819umbrella covering everything?

3.Did you do your homework from last week with the square footage and your home coverage? Come on-get to it. No regrets right?

4.If you own a small business, don’t have your employees drop off the mail in a box at the end of the day. They could be still “working” and if they get hurt,  it could be a workers comp. claim.

5. Make sure if you have people working for you, you are covering them for Workers Comp and NY State Disability. Don’t be caught ( when it’s too late) thinking they are an “independent contractor”.  And DON”T kid yourself!