My dress!

Rachel very unhappy!

Can you tell from Rachel’s face that she is not happy? This was supposed to be her BIG day and look what happened to her $7500 dress.  And if that wasn’t enough, she just found out that the caterer went out of business last week and she’s out her $1000 deposit.  And the worst part- Rachel was UNINSURED! Did I hear you say “What are you talking about”? Insurance for my wedding? Why do I need that? Ask Rachel.  The things that happened to her, could happen to you. Or maybe you have your own nightmare wedding stories?  Feel free to leave your comments.


Anyway, the good news is that you can buy insurance to protect your big day. Weddings can get expensive these days. You’ll be asked to put a lot of money up front even before the big day. Deposits for reception, photographer, florist.  A deposit for your dress.

What happens if someone gets hurt at the reception? The Wedding insurance policy comes with liability insurance for just those kind of accidents. Did you know that you can now purchase liquor liability as part of this policy?

What about all your wedding gifts? Have you heard of gifts being stolen? Happens all the time.

No reason to fret or get worried. As always, our goal is to educate. If you find a reason to purchase this type of insurance, we can help.

And for those getting married who will need to combine your separate car insurance policies into one, we can help too.  Renters and home insurance? You got it.