Can drunk driving burn your house down?

Well maybe, but probably not. In the last number of years, there has been a rash of tenant fires at 3 am because someone comes in from a night of drinking, is hungry, lights up the stove and then falls asleep. Up goes the house.

But that is not what I want to  about. First, PLEASE don’t drink too much. You’ll gain too much weight, you’ll act stupid, you’ll say stupid things, you may hurt someone or kill them or yourself. And most of all, you’ll just postpone the healing you need. WHY do you drink too much? Escape? That was me.  Doesn’t work.

Secondly I have been talking to lots of people lately ( thank you) about us becoming their agent for their home insurance.  So the house can sell for $175,000, but to have a builder build a new house the same size will cost $300,000.  So find out the square footage of your home and multiply that by $200.  See what you come up with. Your home insurance should be AT least that.  End of story.