The Benefits of Having Renter’s Insurance

The Benefits of Having Renter’s Insurance

Have you ever sat back and considered how much money it would cost to replace everything in your home in the unfortunate event of a loss, whether it be due to theft or a catastrophic loss such as a fire?

The cost of your belongings — clothes, electronics, furniture, jewelry, luggage, and other household goods — can quickly add up! You likely have amassed tens of thousands of dollars in personal belongings without a thought.

The next time you’re cooking up something in the kitchen, take a moment to reflect on the number of items that make a kitchen complete. Think: pots, pans, glassware, silverware, utensils, baking supplies… the list goes on! And that’s JUST in the kitchen! Why ramble on about these seemingly forgettable possessions? Because you CAN protect yourself in the event you lose your belongings, even if you’re renting.


In the event of a fire, your landlord likely has insurance that will cover the structure and fixtures itself, but it will NOT cover your personal belongings or your personal liability. Your landlord’s insurance will NOT cover your possessions in the event of a theft. If you or your family experiences bodily injury or property damage claims, you may be held liable.

There are several key benefits to carrying Renters Insurance

  1. It protects your personal property. As we said above, the cost to replace your belongings can be astronomically high. Imagine having to replace all of them at once?! Renters Insurance gives you peace of mind knowing all that you hold valuable in your daily routine can be replaced. It’s paid for.
  2. It’s affordable. When you consider the assets that you’re protecting, you might be surprised to learn that Renters Insurance is fairly inexpensive. For small additional premiums, you can get full value coverage without deduction for depreciation.
  3. It provides liability coverage. Your renters insurance provides coverage to certain bodily injury or property damage claims. If someone is injured at your place, your renters insurance may cover the cost of care.
  4. It provides theft coverage. Should someone burglarize or steal your property, whether it be out of your home or your vehicle, your Renters Insurance would cover it.
  5. It covers you even when you’re not home. Go ahead and take that trip and fear not! Your belongings at home, and those that are with you, are protected.

If you are renting or know someone who is, we encourage you to protect yourself with Renters Insurance. There are many different policies to cover you based on your specific needs.

We’d be happy to discuss your options. Give us a call or email us today to get started!