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You're kidding!

So I had the van this morning since it’s Wednesday and Grandpa’s taxi is transporting all three and the Riskmobile is a little too small for Lucas! And since I’m the insurance guy who breathes “safety”, I like my cars clean, especially the windows so you can see clearly. SO the van was still grimey […]


Are you somebody who tries to “do it all”? I can sometimes be like that. As I get older though, I see the wisdom in allowing other people to help. Here is a good example.       The picture is of Jim Mclaughlin http://mclaughlinphoto.com.  He is VERY good at what he does. When we […]

Sunday Reflection

I’ve had a couple days to reflect on the Dinner. And the more I think about it, the more I confirm that the most important aspect of our lives are RELATIONSHIPS. Family, friends, staff, clients, customers, company, acquaintances, strangers. Doesn’t matter, people are people and our interaction with each other is the lifeblood of our […]


So here it is Thursday morning March 7th and it is the day of the BIG dinner. Do you know what is unfair? Being told 6 weeks ago or so that you have to give a speech. Do you know how many times I have “thought about” this speech. You are correct-I’ve lost track. Boy […]

Back to Blogging!

My apologies to my blog and anyone paying attention! I won’t even tell you the last time I posted. Anyone else have problems keeping up? Life is busy and fast and noisy. But it is also very good especially in the most challenging times. One year ago at this time, I was in the middle […]

O'Brien Cars

Michael Knight had K.I.T.T. The Blues Brothers had the Bluesmobile. The Easy Riders had their bikes. We have, The Riskmobiles. We are every bit as proud and would hazard a guess that our vehicles are better insured than those previously mentioned 🙂 If you see us around town, give a honk or a wave.

More Mileage

Intensity, integrity and enthusiasm run strong in our family and our business. Seeing younger generations get more out of life is something that never ceases to delight us. Recently members of the extended O’Brien Insurance family took our asterisk and our motto to the trails. So, how about you? Been running much lately? Running out of time? Running on […]

Why get your insurance from a local agent

As a local insurance agent and CCO (ask and I’ll tell you), I’m always thinking about this question. You of course have many places and ways to get your various insurance policies. Let me set the record straight-getting your insurance (any of it) from a local agent is NOT (repeat) more expensive than going directly […]

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